Introducing Tikkle.

It’s here! To remove all dead ends. You have ever faced. In engaging with anyone. Inside your company.

Not only to bring the latest updates. From your leaders, management. But a few sneak peaks, into their daily lives too.

It will also help you connect. With all your friends, in our organisation. You can do one to one chats. With your best bud. Or, you can have private group chat. To discuss your upcoming project. Not only that, you can even host a public chat, to plan your upcoming cricket league. Or the marathon you and colleagues were planning to run.

It will let you share all kinds of media files in the chat. So you can work, on the go!

Well there is more. Tikkle empowers you with ‘I-Can’ channels, to make a suggestion, report a problem, contribute an idea. And what not.

Enjoy tikkling 🙂